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On March 7, 1978, a public hearing was held by the Kent Zoning and Planning Commission to discuss an application submitted by Joseph Bujack for a conditional zoning certificate.

Me. Bujack owns the lots at 515-517 E. Main Street, which are already zoned as commercial (C-3). It is on these lots that Bujack proposes to build a Wendy's Old-Fashioned Restaurant--a major portion of whose stock is owned by Governor James A. Rhodes, well-known for sending the Ohio National Guardsmen onto the KSU campus in 1970.

Bujack also owns the two rear lots behind these lots. The subject of his rezoning proposal put before the Commission was to change the present residential (R-3) status of the rear lots to that of a commercial one, in

bills for the fbi

Governor Rhodes has found a running mate who shares his views concerning student protests. FBI documents released during the week of November 21, 1977 revealed that Cuyahoga County Commissioner George Voinovich, who is running on the Republican ticket for Lt. Governor. was "used" by the FBI to sponsor anti-demonstration bills in 1968, The bills were initiated to:
* Require dismissal of students convicted of "disruptive" acts on state university campuses.
* Ban the use of loudspeakers on campuses unless approved in advance by university officials.
* Banish for two years any faculty member who "obstructs" or "impairs" campus activity.
* Bar readmission to state universities of any student convicted of "disruptive" campus actions.

These bills were later used to help make up the Campus Disorder Act of 1970 (House Bill 1219), a piece of legislation designed to discourage any protest.

It seems, however, that the major difference between Rhodes and Voinovich is that Rhodes is more fond of using live ammunition, rather than legislation, in order to repress dissent.

Political History (cont.)
students shouted "ROTC off campus!"

Later that evening, the national guard arrived on campus. However, the two-day rebellion of Kent students was complete and quite noteworthy.

Targets of rebellious attacks (in downtown Kent and the ROTC building) were seen as justified in 1970. Similar actions took place arcs the country on other campuses. For example, dozens or ROTC buildings and hundreds of buildings representing the military industrial complex were attacked by students across the nation as people demanded an end to the murderous  slaughter of   the

history cont...
Indochinese people and the destruction of their homeland.

It is very important for us in 1978 to view these actions as acts of political desperation by American students. These actions must be viewed in their proper political and historical contexts. After so many years of marching and demanding an end to the war, students in America were forced to take drastic actions against property to dramatize their great determination to stand up against the war. The militant actions of students against property can only be viewed as justifiable outrage which ultimately helped to achieve a noble goal--the end of the war.

Indeed, compared to the simultaneous death and destruction in Indochina, these actions by U.S. students were like a drop In a  bucket. These acts by KSU students and millions of other American students in May of 1970 were acts of justifiable rebellion against a murderous President and his wealthy corporate bosses who planned and executed that bloody war.

The war in Southeast Asia was not in the people's interests, ant the people helped to stop that war. This rebellion was justifiable indeed, and ultimately forced Nixon to withdraw from Cambodia within six weeks.

After Nixon's criminal invasion of Cambodia, students at Kent admittedly took militant actions against property on May1 and May2, 1970. For the next two days, May 3 and 4, 1970 Governor Rhodes and his national guardsmen carried out their own two day reign of terror--not upon  property, but upon the students at Kent State.

next week:
Rhodes and
guard attack
ksu students.

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order that parking facilities for Wendy's may be built.

The general conclusion of the March 7th meeting was in overwhelming opposition to the  proposal. Subsequently, another meeting was set for April 4th at which about 60 Kent residents and KSU students appeared to oppose not only the granting of the certificate, but also the construction of the restaurant. The request for the certificate was denied.

However, this does not mean that the restaurant will not be built; only that Mr. Bujack will have to rearrange his plans for parking facilities. Therefore, what may seem like a victory is in all actuality only a small, temporary hurdle, stalling the perhaps inevitable invasion of the egregious square burger. But aside form the numerous aesthetic objections and questionable nutritive value of the food, the major opposition stems from the association between Governor Rhodes and Wendy's International.

Rhodes owns over $1 million dollars --a controlling portion--of stock in Wendy's. We can think of nothing more abhorrent and disgusting than a Jim Rhodes-owned Wendy's sitting directly across the street form the KSU campus. What a blatant mockery of justice--one of this criminal's per investments arrogantly casting neon lights on the facade of the Administration Building!

Pressure must be directed toward Bujack, stating that if Wendy's is built in the interest of James Rhodes, pickets, boycotts and other forms of protest will greet its arrival.

in light of the recent gym struggle and the determined spirit of the people of Kent against injustice, Mr. Bujack et. a;. should  seriously reconsider trying to build a Wendy's in Ken, Ohio. Kent does not need another hot and juicy assault from Rhodes.

MONDAY 4/17/78..."Leaflet Day" Rally, Noon at   the Student Center Plaza
TUESDAY 4/18/78..Carter Dodge Hearing, 4:15 p.m., third floor of Student Center May 4th.
... Coalition Meeting7:30p.m. Open lounge, second floor of the  Student Center.
WEDNESDAY 4/19/78...May 4 Task Force Meeting
7:30p.m. Student Center

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